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APG Pricing and Protocol

A manufactured good submitted for approval for the Seal Of Approval will be accompanied by a nonrefundable check for $100.00 to cover the costs of grading, approval, disapproval and return shipping. If the product is approved a fee of $300.00 will be charged. The total cost for sealing a product will be $400.00 or $133.33 per year.

Once a product is approved for the Seal Of Approval the manufacturer of the product may use the seal to promote, market and advertise based on the seal as he sees fit.

At the end of the three year life of the Seal and the product has not changed in form, function or quality in any way what-so-ever the manufacturer will be required to pay a fee of $300.00 to continue to use the Seal for marketing and sales.

Any product previously Sealed that changes in form, function or quality will have it seal immediately revoked in writing and all benefits and uses of the Seal terminated. If the manufacturer of the product wished to have the innovated, altered, or changed product sealed he will have to start the process over by submitting the product to an inspector accompanied by a non refundable check for $100. If the product is approved a final payment of $300 will be made after which the manufacturer may use the seal in any way he sees fit as to marketing and sales.

In order to have a product graded and judged for the APG seal of approval an online PDF form must be filled out and shipped with the product to a field inspector who will be designated by the Seal Of Approval Board Of Directors. The product will have to be named, the location of manufacturer, the location of sales and distribution, use of the product, whether the product is warranted and the time and conditions of the warranty, and any other pertinent information effecting quality and use.

Groups of products that are put together as individual components that have been individually approved will be eligible for a Seal Of Approval. Grouped products such as a front sight that is approved and a rear sight that is approved can be grouped together and “sealed” as one product for no extra charge. Other products such as variable sized revolver shims to correct end shake, hammer shim, trigger shims will be judged as one product. The same will go for screw driver sets or epoxy bedding products that are sold as small and large packages. Products grouped together as one will have to be given an ok by one field inspector before it may be used as a group. In some cases this will be a judgment call by the inspector and will be subject to review by a review committee.

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