American Pistolsmiths Guild



1. Is there a special rate for members of the American Pistolsmiths Guild?
Answer: Yes

2. Does the special rate for Guild members apply to associate members?
Answer: Yes

3. If my product is approved or disapproved will the product be returned to me.
Answer: Yes, and the shipping will be taken out of your nonrefundable application fee.

4. If my product is rejected will the application fee be returned?
Answer: No, but the return shipping will be taken out of the application fee.

5. If I have a product that can be purchased as a single unit or in a package of multiple units is the product still sealed.
Answer: Yes

6. If I produce multiple firearms is one seal good for all the firearms I produce?
Answer: NO, each model must have its own seal.

7. How long will it take to grade a product once an inspector has received it?
Answer: In most cases about 30 days, but complex products may take longer.

8. After my product is approved how long before I can begin using the seal in advertising and promotion?
Answer: You will be sent an electronic seal which you can use on all advertising beside that specific product in catalogues, on Web pages, print ads and any other form of advertising you wish.

9. What is the time period of the seal of approval?
Answer: The time the product is sealed begins from the day it is approved and lasts for a period of three years or 1,095 days.

10. Can stickers be placed on the product similar to consumer products such as “Good Housekeeping Seal Of Approval”?
Answer: Yes, you can place approved designed stickers on your product which you can have made or you can purchase approved seals from the APG Seal Of Approval for $110.00 per thousand.

11. Can catalogues be sealed? Answer: NO.

12. Can magazines be sealed? Answer: YES.

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